To sneak into the bathroom while someone is mid-shower, take a shit, and exit, leaving only the scent of shit wafting about the bathroom on the steamy air to announce the shitter's presence.
"God dammit! Brian ninja shit me again."
by faton4paws June 22, 2014
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Any persons, male or female, who deposits fecal matter that has such strong nauseating odor that he/she has to lift the front of their shirt to cover their nose, therefore resembling a ninja.
"Man, after I ate all of that limberger and ice cream I had to run to the bathroom and take a smelly ninja shit.
by Reggy Reigns April 21, 2005
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Its when you take a big solid shit kicking its way out of your ass, the head sticks out of the water and you think (i'm gonna need a plunger to beat this fucker down), thers no need to wipe, and when you fush it disappears in a cloud of brown mist!
The ninja shit almost made me shit my pants, i got it out and went to beat it down with a plunger and the fucker disappeard in a cloud of mist!
by ratso August 10, 2012
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When you wipe after you shit and the paper comes out clean... Like the shit was never there... mysterious and stealthy...
I love it when I take a ninja shit... I only have to wipe once!
by Jfranklin February 27, 2007
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While at work or at the house of someone new you are dating, sometimes you don't want to have a loud shit. So, it is neccessary to be stealth like clenching your ass cheeks together to eliminate trumpet-like farts or take your dump very slowly so as to minimize the sounds of fecies hitting the water.
Phil: the walls are so thin at work I'm always ninja shitting.
Sarah: Yeah, I totally understand.
by Tequila_Mockingbird November 2, 2007
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When some takes a number 2 so quickly and quietly that the person must have the shitting skills of a Ninja.
Lawrence, you were in the bathroom for 30 seconds and you have created an odour that reminds me of a dumpster behind an Indian restaurant. That Ninja shit was so quick and quiet that I hardly noticed that you were gone.
by Cringer February 4, 2009
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Where you shit so fast, it'll seem like you never left where you were.
If you're on the job and you have to go, but you're afraid to leave.... take a ninja shit.
by Ivana humpoalot November 5, 2011
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