Nillie is a great loving big hearted person that is very loyal to whom ever he/she is with. Loves kids and would do anything for anyone. Puts kids first then others then self loves animals. Loves to laugh and tell dirty jokes and hang out.
Nillie is here and loves to help
by top def March 08, 2018
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Nillie, the cutest shipname to others! But they are not a thing, some cannot get over the fact that they are NOT a thing . Maybe leaves some wondering if it’s others who actually love one of them and use β€˜Nillie as an excuse to hide their secret love for them.
β€œ Nillie, is so cute like couple goals!”
β€œ R......n I think your hiding something, do you actually love him?”
β€œPahahaha! No way!who would say such a thing?!”
by Mamda1998 October 23, 2017
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A slutty human being that has no friends due to there rapid sluttyness this person is also a whore. Easier way to say Slutty whore
Oml that Nillie just gave out free blowjobs to a hobo
by Nillie10101 December 25, 2016
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