a retard that is mentally stupid
nikals is a girl never a boy
by aisan lover December 20, 2016
Nikaling is making an escape from a place in a hurried manner and without giving the host much chance to delay such escape.
Hey Jack this party is driving me nuts, looks like its time for nikaling.
by Wordmaster798 January 11, 2020
She’s the most amazing girl you’ll ever meet.shell always make you happy when your sad.shes the love of your life.she has a great personality.thinks she ugly when she’s actually really pretty.shes the nicest girl you’ll ever meet.she usually has brown hair.shes the kind of girl you can’t get your mind off her.shes a lovable person.
Jimmy did you see nikal today she was beautiful.
by Okeyvdjdb November 17, 2017
Nikal Pakode

Nikal Pakode is a friendly censored version of the cuss word Nikal Lawde that means GTFO. It is mostly used in the holy month of Ramadan to stay halal and refrain from swearing.
Person 1: Wanna play Brawl Stars?
Person 2: It's a dead game, Nikal Pakode.
by Liηk December 20, 2021