a special form of curiosity usually displayed by niggers

the wonderment of whether or not you can get away with stealing that there chain, purse, wallet or car stereo
by HailToTheKing November 27, 2009
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Anything that a nigger finds him/herself curious in. Stocks, jobs, raising childrens, being polite, talking proper, owning dogs that aren't pitbulls, ect...
Dave: Hey Bob, earlier today I was at the park playing with my children and this black guy outside the park was just staring at me
Bob: I think you sparked the niggerosity in him
Dave: Haha Bob, maybe next time I'll pay my bills on my phone to really freak him out.
Bob: Haha
by Drock1985 December 09, 2013
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Niggerosity is a play on the word "generosity". It simply means that a black person (or a nigga - not nigger) is acting very sophisticated, stylish, well-informed and extremely intelligent. Normally this term is used in a sarcastic or demeaning way to put down "uppity" or "bougie" black people. It is also used to keep a black person in their place when they think they are too smart and know it all.
For example, Tyvonne is chilin with the niggas at the trap house. The niggas at the trap house don't know how to read that well. Tyvonne then uses his ability to read to help the other niggas to understand. The trap house niggas look at Tyvonne like he lost his "f-ing" mind. Then one of them says "F - you and your niggerosity, it wasn't greatly appreciated. Motha fu --a , learn how to sell drugs because reading books is for lame ass, f--k niggas just like you.

KiKi was chillin with Tika and Marquan. They was all hanging out on the strip getting a drink. Kiki and Tika wanted to know why black women aren't appreciated by black men. Marquan takes it upon himself to tell his female friends that black women will be respected and loved by black men when they stop competing with them and trying to be like a dude. Then KiKi tells Marquan: "Damn Marquan, your niggerosity wasn't necessary."

Then Tika says, "You stupid ass nigga for saying some dumb s--t like that."

Then they both look at him and say "Boy Bye!" Both of the girls then walk away.

Then Marquan just looks baffled while they leave him on the strip to pay for their drinks. Then these same black females can't figure out why a man don't want to deal with them. If this explanation of niggerosity has totally baffled you or made you dumber for reading it, don't feel bad. It has happened to a lot of people who want to understand the origins of a stupid word with a stupid meaning.
by UnoMill February 11, 2019
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