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the most sweet person you can come across from, more sweet than all sweets combined, listens to your problems.
Hey Tika, can we talk?
by jeanxy October 11, 2021
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The word 'Tika' comes from the Maori language.

1. (stative) to be straight, direct, upright, fair, correct, accurate, true, appropriate, lawful, proper
2. (modifier) correctly, directly, fairly, justly.

3. (noun) righteousness, truth, correctness, directness, justice, fairness
You gotta keep it Tika! = You gotta keep it real!
Give it to me Tika! = Give it to me direct and correct!
by Be Loyal January 8, 2014
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Tika is the best person you can ever meet in your life. they are just gorgeous and so talented but they always underestimate themselves. she is loyal and won’t hesitate to stand up for what she thinks is right. tika’s are a complete risk takers,and also very fun and outgoing. When you first meet her, she won't be as loud, but as soon as Tika gets into her comfort zone with you she’ be wild and fun. she's very smart, she can be an idiot sometimes. She's very trust worthy and sometimes hides her feelings, but one way or another you'll end up knowing them.
Person 1: who do you find a real friend

Person 2: it’s easy just look for Tika
by Hcbsou bd December 31, 2022
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A voluptuous sexy beautiful woman who is amazingly talented loves to sing, dance, act and secretly wants to be a Pirate.
Wow that girl is so TIKA!! I've never heard anyone sing like that before. And what is up with that eye patch she wears?
by Brineylass February 2, 2010
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the ability to cause trouble and create a problem where where one should not exist. see martika
did you see that fight she started? that is such a tika thing to do
by dark princess01 May 18, 2010
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An inappropriate man who cracks nazi jokes, cuddles soft toys and then goes around beating people
Hey don’t mess with his teddy he’s a Tika!
by Jackiebadass March 25, 2018
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N. (tee-ka) Tika is short for MARTIKA (see MARTIKA). Works best with the middle name ROCHELL (see ROCHELL). Tika is long, dark, and very thick haired girl with an attitude that is abrupt and ever changing, but sweet to the ones she loves. When used in combination with Rochell (see ROCHELL) it is a loving and caring wife.
"TIKA is pregnant, and would love some French Fries"
by reeljeenyus February 3, 2010
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