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The state of being destroyed/ruined by humanoid creatures of black African descent.
Detroit is in an advanced state of niggerfuxation.
This neighborhood used to be nice, but now it's niggerfuxated.
by elbwgreez August 17, 2006
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.Niggerfuxation describes any physical, mental, emotional and/or academic damage to any person, place or thing as a result of a chimp out or typical nigger behavior.

.Niggerfuxated is sometimes used as a past tense description.
. All or the niggerfuxation in the classroom made it hard to finish my test.

. Haiti is a great example of niggerfuxation

. The store downtown was niggerfuxated by angry coons with spray paint.
by WhiteyforNWO February 19, 2010
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the word losers use to describe a blackpersons activity usually stated by people who dont have a life,love hitler, or are just plain stupid
niggerfuxation - the word wen said will get u rushed by mexicans n africans

some rascist:wats with all ur niggerfuxations?

group of multiculturals:rush his ass!
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