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A gay black male. Comes from combining Nigger and Liberace into the ultra-insulting niggeratchi. It was invented by Jason Nelson, formerly of Brownsburg, IN.
Fuck you, niggeratchi.
by Jon Aimone March 01, 2005
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A member of the elusive rap group Bling Monster in G-City, Niggeratchi is a founding member or the group, along with Beta Max 3000 and superstar DJ Hell'n Killah.
YO! Niggeratchi was blowin' it up with BMGC in da club last night
by Q November 16, 2004
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Usuallly applied on brothers whom are into asian woman and nothing else.
Yolanda: Girl, I would do anything to get that nigga Russel Simmons in my pussytrap. I almost got to meet that nigga after that show with...

Tamika: Girl, who you callin a nigga?! Consider that motherfucka a cul-de-sac, heΒ΄s a damn niggeratchi!
by Mistre May 23, 2006
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