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A term used best by Katt Williams the comedian. The word "niggadom" is derived from the word "kingdom" to interpret current events that would only happen in the black community.
In the land of niggadom you have blacks, african americans and nigga, which one are you?
by deebo11 March 12, 2009
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1: The state of being and/or exhibiting characteristics of a nigga.
2: The union of all that is nigga
1: Someone pissed on the walls? Shit thats some real niggadom
2: When in the history of niggadom have u ever seen a black person do some shit like that?
by Mr. Intentional March 14, 2009
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Any or all persons regardless of race or ethnicity engaging, or associating with persons who exhibit NIGGA - LIKE behavior. Ex

Definition 2: Acting like a pure nigga. ( Dis mine here dog!)

Definition 3: Kingdom of origin for all niggas regardless of race or ethnicity.
When you are broke as hell with a name like "Diamond" or "Mercedes"

In a sentence:
"I am in no way shape or form involved with any Niggadom!"

If you break the law on a regular basis you are a "NIGGA"

Texting while driving or using your phone at all while driving makes you a "NIGGA"
by Icksi-O August 22, 2011
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