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Interviewer:"Nick are you going to be the Alabama coach?"
Nick Saban: "I'll Tell you I'm not going to be the Alabama Coach, I'm staying in Miami."
Two Weeks Later.....
Nick Saban:"I'm happy to be the Coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide."
by kasldfjadsklfhadsfjkl May 27, 2009
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Overrated football coach. Paid $4 million per year by Univ. of Alabama (a backwoods third rate intellectual backwater/vocational school whose rabid fans pathetically live their tragic lives vicariously though an inept has been football team).

Lies out his ass, wouldn't know integrity or honesty if it slapped him in his head. Has a mean bouffant which he adores and spends inordinate amounts of time tending. Is from some holler in West Virginia originally.
We got us a goooooooooooooooooooood footbawl coach now! Nick Saban gone win us the national champion chip this year! rrrrrrrrrrrrrrowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww tah. ROW! Ramma Jamma Belly Hamma! That's whut Ahm tawkin about!
by Martha Darley September 25, 2007
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Coach of the Year. The man who left LSU is a wonderful way but screwed over Miama to go to Alabama. His first season at Alabama was a rocky one, but he led his team to a perfect regular season which included a 36-0 victory against Auburn. Yes, his team sadly handed over the SEC championship game to Florida and had a not so good game in the Sugar Bowl. Alabama did an excellent job in choosing him as head coach for the team all about tradition, grit, and pride. ROLL TIDE!
Nick Saban
by mackattack1234 January 02, 2009
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Alabama Wide Receiver: *drops pass*
Alabama Wide Receiver: *cries (but still starts next game)*
by watchestoomuchfootball January 13, 2014
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