Something you say when you depart from someone you've just met. Unnecessary if you met a major asshole, bastard, or a bitch.
Kate: Heya, what's your name?
Mike: Mike. What's yours?
Kate: Kate.
Mike: Kay bye, nice meeting you.
Kate: Yeah, you too. Take care.

Mike: Hey, what's your name?
Major Asshole: Major Asshole! You little turd.
Mike: Kay bye.
Asshole: Yeah, bye, you faerie.
by someone took my name =| April 19, 2006
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“Nice to Meet You” is a common phrase used when meeting a new person/group of people. In the US, It is typically followed by a hand shake or a friendly conversation. Sometimes if the person is connected with a friend or family member it could be followed by a hug or some other embrace. When you’re meeting someone who you’ve already met a typical phrase would be “Nice to see you again”. #NiceToMeetYou
“Hi Nice to Meet You! My name’s Jeff, what’s your name?”
“Nice to Meet You, Alison. Brittany told me all about you.”
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In matters of etiquette, the proper way to introduce yourself to someone you don't know.
Scott: My name is Scott, and I'll be your ski instructor for today. Nice to meet you.
Peter: Thank you, nice to meet you too.
by AlbertM August 24, 2009
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"you couldn't understand how much i wanted to fuck you"
normally sent as a text message after one has met a potential female in a bar or such situation and has had an unsuccesful night in terms of sleeping with said female. the general underlying message remains; "i'm going to play the nice guy role and hopefully fuck you sometime in the future"
ever man's most depressing text message
it was really nice to meet you tonight, we should hook up soon for a 'drink'
by ArabianMonkeyPenguin March 27, 2011
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