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It stands for "never give up, never surrender" and derives from the movie "Galaxy Quest", a Star Trek parody. It was the most famous quote of the commander Jason Nesmith, played from Tim Allen.

Nowadays it used as farewell in e-mails and short message conversations and should give the other person new hope and support if something bothers him or her.
Jason Nesmith: As long as there is injustice, whenever a Targathian baby cries out, wherever a distress signal sounds among the stars, we'll be there. This fine ship, this fine crew. Never give up... and never surrender.

A: Oh my god, don't know how I should fix this...
B: You'll find a way, nguns!
by Schwingi September 28, 2009
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He’s a person who’s caring but has a evil side that he doesn’t like showing, he’s inappropriate and funny, weird and awesome. He likes eating ass
Hey it’s ngun.
by MysteriouslyNonDude February 20, 2019
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