Friend 1: This guy I know has been lifting weights for 10 years but he never gained muscle because he ate fast food every day
Friend 2: He's ngmi
by Night Blitz October 23, 2019
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ngmi: not gonna make it

translation: you are stupid and will struggle in life due to being stupid

alt definition: your efforts are in vain as you do not understand the scope or nuances of the thing in which you are dealing with. therefore, you are stupid.
Person A: Dude I love Jen Psaki. Did you hear that Joe Rogan is actually a bigot?? I'm not using Spotify until he's off their platform smfh.

Person B: ngmi
by squidvape February 4, 2022
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Cryptocurrency slang. Short for "Not Gonna Make It"
A: "Dude, did you hear about Poopcoin?! It's the next best thing!"
B: "Nah, NGMI"
by bratpeki September 11, 2021
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nigga gonna mess it
a crackhead nigga messing shit up
Bro that ngmi
by Lejiboy May 13, 2022
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not gonna mind if
-Wow that looks so cool
-I mean, ngmi I do...
by pppppmvak November 7, 2022
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Someone who goes by Cassandra(MichaelJBurry)on Twitter,

Usually tries to keep the former fame from a movie alive by coming in as a prophet of truth but in return can't even figure out how to short bitcoin.
Also another name for a Clown 🤡
Jeez, Cassandra aka Michael is doom posting btc again on Twitter, NGMI
by Notcryptonite October 14, 2021
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