Commonly seen wearing korblox and that weird ass dark(ish) blue crazy hair and you know, throw a chain on top of all of this.
They are commonly seen in games like ragdoll engine, dollhouse roleplay, prove it and dreams lost.
They are also commonly in the servers Nullware Scripts, Filterware and sangware.
They love to say they cracked scripts ( some scripts dont even exist that they " crack ") and take credit for other peoples scripts
commonly hating on large, popular hubs that cost money or have original scripts they cant skid off, this breed is commonly wearing top brand merch like gucci, addidas, nike or some random gang shirt they stole off someones outfit.
newgens love tiktok and will try to boot you with command prompt if you hate on them. so watch out!!
the newgen is a breed that is forever increasing
Watch out zeg! that newgen is about to boot you with 32 bit command prompt pings!
by zeginator January 13, 2021
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One of the gen-forms, representing the "new generation", or early teens born around 2000's who are hella annoying, especially online.
Holy shit, Henry is such a dang newgen on COD4.
by Hankiedoodle October 27, 2016
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"newgen" is an adjective belonged to new audio makers (roblox). Used for audio makers that joined 2020-2021

This term can also be used derogatorily
"What's your name?"
by elasheva June 30, 2021
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cool way to say noob

newgen is someone new to a community or concept
short for new generation
bro how did u do that
stfu newgen
by 0823ght2g November 15, 2018
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a group of annoying little kids that can't seem to get their greasy hands off of things that aren't theirs in the freakin first place. born around the early 2000s (2002-2003 and up). such annoying things include underage online activity, (9-11yrs old on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MMOs, COD ect), acting like a little snobby prick that annoys the balls/boobs off of older kids/siblings (teens and up) but taking their stuff without asking (telling on them about their PMs online, ect), trolling with stupid, non-comprehensible, mindblowingly retarded, not-funny sex jokes when obviously they had just found out about it 2 minutes ago, cursing online for NO REASON AT ALL AND IT ISN'T NESSESSARY and NOT being a kid that should get the fack off of the internet
those Newgens won't stop trolling my account!
by HHQR November 03, 2013
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Your a new player to the game and u think ur better then everyone else
by D4ASHIIE August 31, 2020
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Newgen is the defenition to a person that makes audios for ROBLOX in a short period of time.
by 64 impala April 18, 2021
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