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A piece of shit town in Ohio, surrounded by corn fields. It's known for under age drinking, pregnant teens, and meth labs. It's home of the Newcomerstown Trojans which majority of the time completely suck ass at every single sport and have obese cheerleaders. Most people are country wannabes or try to act thug nasty.
newcomerstown ohio
by truestatement July 27, 2014
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small ass town that has drugies all around it. home of the trojans but no one uses them because we have pregnant teens all the time. Meth Labs are a common thing in this town. you will most likely get killed if you live in the dumb ass mother fucking town
Cameron: Where are you going

Lexy: Newcomerstown

Cameron: you know you're gonna get killed.
by lex1002 February 16, 2017
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