An inexperienced player of a game, and part of a never-ending cycle. Will eventually develop better skills.
the defective ones called noobs get knocked out of the cycle and disposed of, like at a factory quality check.
1. Newb joins game and is confused
2. Newb asks experienced player for help
3. Newb takes advice and in turn, rises up in the ranks, develops better skills becomes an experienced player.
4. Experienced player goes on to help the next set of newbs.
(5.) Noob insults the newbs and the players that help them.
by Opinionated Truth Teller November 4, 2013
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A term used to describe a inexperienced gamer/person/etc. Unlike a noob, a newb is someone who actually wants to get better.
Leet Player: Why is he just looking at the wall?
Other Player: I think hes a newb.
by The Fallen Fox May 16, 2005
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Someone who is new to the activity that they are currently partaking in. Very often this term is used pertaining to computer games. Contrary to popular belief, a newb and a n00b are not the same thing, as a newb can and will get better where as a n00b will partake in activites meant mainly to aggrivate other players.

newbs deserve a chance to grow and become better.
As a noun.
"You jump with the space bar, don't be such a newb"
"Obviously, this item is better... newb."
"Since your just a newb, i'll help you out."
by Glide September 12, 2005
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sometimes spelt newbie, A newb is a player new to a game. Inexperienced and occassionally frustratingly so. However, due to them being a newb, they should be treated with patience because everyone was new once. Very different to a n00b, who desire to create problems for all other players
Player 1: "Hey, I'm a newb and I'm a bit lost can you show me how to change weapons?"
Player 2: "No problem, you do this...."
The correct treatment of a newb
by sassy kempter June 29, 2007
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Unlike the term noob, newb is a less offensive term which is used to describe someone new to an online community.
"Newb": Hey guys, how do I use this skill?
Experienced player: You do -insert whatever here-.
by Nips the 3rd. August 9, 2005
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A player who eases their way to the top, respect them. A noob, on the other hand, has no will to get there.. by himself. Just read the sentences. Drumroll, please?
Newb: Can you help me get a diamond dagger?
Pro: Sure!

Noob: di di an bui mi nana whip!
Pro: Google translate, be there when I need you..... No noobish language? I told you....
by Nerdnerd November 4, 2016
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A newb, not to be confused with "Noob" or N00b", this word only means that this person who plays a game of any sort isn't that good at the game, but would like to become better at this game, not act childish and call everyone else "Noobs".
Someone who could be ranked as a novice in a game such as Halo or Halo 2, would like to become a better player and get a rank of apprentice, or Distinguished, surpassing the rank of a newb.
by A Twisted Illusion August 13, 2006
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