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Like marxism and prohibition.
Good intentions, terrible outcomes
Peta is made of idiots
by Opinionated Truth Teller November 29, 2013

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An inexperienced player of a game, and part of a never-ending cycle. Will eventually develop better skills.
the defective ones called noobs get knocked out of the cycle and disposed of, like at a factory quality check.
1. Newb joins game and is confused
2. Newb asks experienced player for help
3. Newb takes advice and in turn, rises up in the ranks, develops better skills becomes an experienced player.
4. Experienced player goes on to help the next set of newbs.
(5.) Noob insults the newbs and the players that help them.
by Opinionated Truth Teller November 03, 2013

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Someone who dislikes bronies.
Some are those who are pathetic whiners,
And then there are those who don't like ponies being spammed In every corner of the internet. Bronies say you must watch the terrible show before you judge them. But no, apparently, you have to watch the show AND like it
Anti-Brony (the sane kind) I don't like the show
Brony: but that's impossible! This show is god's gift to humanity! The internet deserves more ponies1!!eleven1111
Anti-brony:I watched it, I didn't like it.
by Opinionated Truth Teller November 29, 2013

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A teen or adult male fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Like with any other fandom, along with the Brony community, there is a "hater" community as well. Unfortunately, most (and I mean most, because some bronies are nice people) Bronies, fail to realize that the Anti-Bronies have just as much of a right to express their opinion
as the bronies themselves do. Bronies get ridiculed on the internet because of a simple drive in the male mind to like guy things. They tell the anti-Bronies to watch the show, and when they do, some get converted to a brony, and some wind up wanting to pull out their intestines with a fork. When confronted, bronise will usually say things like "love and tolerate" to annoy the anti-Bronies into making them stop. They fail to realize that some bronies are infinitely more annoying than said "haters"
by Opinionated Truth Teller July 19, 2013

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Canis Lupis, the ancestor of all modern dogs. Want proof, look at your German Shephard. This species lives mainly in North America, North Africa, Europe, and Asia. It was first domesticated in the Middle East almost 10,000 years ago. They generally hunt in packs, and thier diet consists of mostly large mammals such as deer. They will also eat birds, mice, fruit, large insects, and garbage.
The Gray Wolf is one of the most studied animals in the world.
by Opinionated Truth Teller September 13, 2013

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A bunch of people who dress up like scary ghosts and scare people.
The KKK keeps forgetting when Halloween is.
by Opinionated Truth Teller January 22, 2015

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