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a person who lines a toilet seat with toilet paper, paper towels or some other paper product before using a public toilet, then leaves the "nest" of paper on the seat, to the chagrin of everyone else who uses the restroom.
Did you see the goddamn bathroom? The fucking nester left his fucking nest on the toilet again.
by jotis July 26, 2007
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Woman (usually with kids) out on the scout for a husband. Achieving a husband through any deceptive practice necessary. When dating she is quick to move in for the kill by attempting to take over the said mans house. Much to the dismay of roomates and friends.
That girl is surely a nester, already movin in after 3 months.
by nwelshans July 05, 2006
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When a LAD gets a girlfriend and happily settles into the nest that has been created.
A real NESTER would be James from this examle

When "James" is with "Zoe" they have stupid baby names for eachother such as "Bubsy"... NESTER LAD.
He was always having to talk to her even if he just left her... Nester LAD.
Arguments would be had over the girlfriend "Zoe" not being happy with the LAD "James" when he wanted to go out with the LADS... NESTER LAD
As you can see from examples..He (James) was deep into the nest.
by Dannygmanu October 15, 2012
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A girl who buys lots of things for her boyfriend or gives him lots of large photos of her so that he will feel especially bad if he wants to break up with her.
That nester bought me a new car and plastered her picture all over it.. I can never break up with her now!
by asset January 10, 2006
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(verb) when a male urinates in two or more strands
Dude, I just nestered all over the toilet seat, and now I have to wipe it off.
by Banalbany February 04, 2010
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Every womans dream an absolute player that doesnt give a damn. If he invites you back to his nest, he will definitely fertilize your eggs.
Oh yeah dude I heard she got nestered last night.”
by UNC :) March 02, 2019
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An adjective refering to a person who is a slick, sly fox, the foxiest of them all.
by AManThatLovesYou March 29, 2005
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