Someone who's a cheap loser that nobody likes
dude1:Landon is a bean nerf
dude2: Ikr I hate him so much
by hillbillysoap June 7, 2018
Another meaning for blue balls which is, during sex, you have the sensation,but nothing comes out
by MrSlick15 March 20, 2018
Used when something/someone is awesome in any way.
Originates from the gaming world (nerfing e.g. a weapon = making it weaker or less overpowered).
Strawberries need a nerf so badly!
Why is he so funny? He needs to be nerfed.
by Frankie Fusilli November 20, 2021
to be fuzzy and have a natural curl
My hair is so Fuzzle Nerf
by Noelle October 18, 2003
A segment of a Nerf War in which 2 people are shooting at each other. Lasts until one player retreats.
“They had a nerf battle so intense, it was the highlight of the War.”
by THE ANONYMOUS FIGURE January 11, 2018