For little pussies that don't want to be hit with an airsoft bb and instead fling foam.
Hey you want the play airsoft instead of the fucking gay Nerf shit.
by PoperlichkingGerila April 16, 2019
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Usually Relating to A level or character in a video game;To weaken or to make easier
Not many people could have beaten the last level so they had to Nerf it
by Krispywitch235 March 19, 2017
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Nerf is a brand that makes foam dart shooting fake guns.
I will use my Nerf guns in the Nerf war.
by YoDogYT March 27, 2018
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When an item or character in a video game is too powerful, making it overpowered and unfair to play with or against.
Zoe in League of Legends needs another nerf, she's still overpowered.
by MBLax February 11, 2018
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to make further from full potential; diminish
she was so attractive but the braces nerfed her
by mikael& May 6, 2023
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A brand started by Parker Brothers in 1969 with a foam ball known as the Nerf Ball. After that, there were more sports products, yadda yadda. They were purchased by General Mills in the 80's, and then by Kenner Toys, and then owned by Tonka as Tonka bought Kenner, and then finally acquired by their current owners, Hasbro.

Their first foam-shooting weapon was the Air Launcher in 1976, which shot a form of rocket. Most of them fire darts, balls and missiles nowadays.

Adults are not exempt from playing with these toys.
Rusell: "Hey man! I heard there's a new nerf war going on this Tuesday! Wanna come?"

Franklin: "Heck yeah! Let's go!"
by Dollarstore_theWatergun December 24, 2017
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A segment of a Nerf War in which 2 people are shooting at each other. Lasts until one player retreats.
“They had a nerf battle so intense, it was the highlight of the War.”
by THE ANONYMOUS FIGURE January 11, 2018
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