extremely thick eyeglass lenses
That kid with the coke-bottle glasses may look funny but he has a bad attitude.
by Light Joker July 29, 2007
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Prescription eyeglasses with very thick/heavy lenses, like the infamous "forest-fire-starter" curved lens-like bottoms on heavy-walled Coca-cola soft-drink bottles.
Wow, that little old lady's sure got the coke-bottle glasses! Wonder how she ever manages to see in the shower or anyplace else where she has to take her glasses off.

Grade-school kid #1: Yo, pal --- you back from the eye-doc, I see. Whoa-hoh-hohhhh... what huge thick lenses! That rig must weigh a TON --- zheesh, I feel for ya --- totally sux, Bud!
Grade-school kid #2: Yeah, fer sher --- the doc said it was hereditary, and I'd never have good vision, so he gave me these stupid Coke-bottle glasses which I'll hafta wear the rest of my life. Ah, well... at least I can see again.
by QuacksO November 28, 2011
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