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A nerd with an odd but unmistakable air of cuteness about him/her. The traits of a nerdball are the same as those of a normal nerd, but are somehow endearing instead of irksome.
Nerdball: (engrossed in playing a game on graphing calculator)

Fawning girl: Ahww, what a cute little nerdball!
by chiciebee August 15, 2011
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A form of conversational masturbation centered around niche subject matter and characterized by obscure-knowledge gamesmanship, hypothetical scenarios, and ingroup/outgroup verbal coding. Frequently results in the derailment of more balanced and inclusive group social interactions.

To engage in nerdball.

NOTE: Conversation topics qualifying for nerdball are fluid and context-dependent. They may include, but are not limited to, superheroes, science fiction and fantasy, TV shows, sports, fashion, academia, science, and politics.
The party was fun until Jack and Kevin started playing nerdball at the dinner table and alienated all my work friends.
by skretch May 26, 2014
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possibly the best game ever, consists of 4-9 squares, sometimes called downball or often know as 4 square.
Are you playing nerdball at lunch?
by steven nerdball August 26, 2008
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An uncool person who acts as cool as possible, and sometimes snorts during laughter. Acts similar to a testicle when confronted about this.
Oh my god look at those wanksta nerdballs.
by Hannah March 09, 2005
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