Plastic Surgery to make yourself black. As seen in South Park. (includes skin coloring, height enhancement, and penis enlargement).
Hey, I'm going to go get a negroplasty.
by Kriminal March 10, 2005
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A cosmetic-reconstructive surgical procedure in which the doctor makes you look like an African-American. As seen in the television show South Park, season 9 episode 1. The surgery is completely cosmetic though, you don't actually become black; a joke in the episode was that since he wasn't actually black, the boy who received a negroplasty couldn't play basketball otherwise his kneecaps would explode.
Doctor Biber: "Hello there son I hear you want some sort of reconstructive plastic surgery "
Kyle: "Well doctor I want to be tall and black."
Doctor: "*silence...* oh you mean you want a negroplasty!"
by Jaaawshy October 8, 2015
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The process of becoming black via plastic surgery or the opposite of a caucasioplasty.
Bill: Hey did you hear Gerald had a Negroplasty?
Francis: yeah he's trying a new scheme to get his wife to have sex with him again.
Bill: LOL good luck with that that pussies been mine for several weeks now.
by Defender of heavy metal November 8, 2009
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german word for the surgical procedure negroplasty, that makes you score higher in basketball. similar to dolphiplasti. become anything you want to be. It's a fairly common procedure, really, just the reverse of a caucasioplasty just like Michael Jackson had.
Negroplasti takes about seven hours and costs roughly three thousand dollars.
by negroplasti December 7, 2018
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