1)A person who enjoy eating dead people.
2)Ass-kicking Technical Death Metal band from Germany.
1)Bury Jose Fernando because Jossie is a necrophagist and he may eat it!
2)I was doubtful when I bought Necrophagist last album,but when I listened to that,it totally blew me away!!!
by MetalNewbie November 18, 2004
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God's gift to human ears. Seriously, it's as if Jesus Christ himself came down and started whispering in your ear whenever you hear them.
Rap retard: Yo dis here Lil Wayne song iz phat! ah'm going ta blare it as loud as ah can so niggas can know how phat it iz! , wOrd!

Me: God they're playing that crap again? Haven't these dumb fucks ever heard Necrophagist solos? Well then, I guess I should educate them with a lesson in good music! *Starts playing Advanced Corpse Tumor at full volume*

Rap retard: Yo What iz dis here emo sh*t? muh motha fuckin brains hurt when ah listen ta dis here cuz it sucks so hard! Don' make me come ova there bitch...

*Solo comes in*

Rap retard: Ahhh! Can't comprehend... Too phat.. in the hood

*Rap retard's head explodes from the awesomeness of the solo*
by Driller64 May 16, 2014
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