Napoleon Dynamite. The greatest movie in the history of the Earth.
Kip - "I didn't enjoy ND that much."

Deb - "Hey fuck you man, ND is the greatest movie in all of the history of Earth and time."
by The Baron Von Ozwald December 20, 2012
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When you hit the shift key and it typed Nd instead of and.
Person 1: You got your keys
Person 2: oops, I forgot my keys Nd wallet.
Person 1: Nd?
Person 2: and*
by Wolfslayer July 07, 2018
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An acronym for "not down". If you are not interested, or down, for doing something.
Matt: Dude, lets go talk to those chicks.
Kyle: Nah dude, they're beat. I'm so ND.
by BeeeeGee? June 07, 2009
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Nd bedeutet Nein oder ned
Its used like this: nein ich habe die hausaufgaben nd
by co6fli9t March 07, 2021
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