another term for no
twanism #1
q: u goin to the movies?
a: nawl, im broke.
by antwan duncan September 1, 2003
southern word for the phrase "not at all" or no.
q. you hear what pastor say at church today?
a. nawl, I nodded off.
by kepp August 17, 2008
Not a whole lot

Definition is derived from lawl (which came from lol).
its teh boring theres NAWL of ppl here
by anonymous person 123124 October 19, 2006
To be so foreal or serious about a topic
"These dudes be lying..Nawl fr"
by October 8, 2016
When you are so foreal or serious about a topic
"These dudes be lying about everything..Nawl fr"
by October 8, 2016
An extreme form of saying no. Used commonly when referring to any form of sex with a person over 120 lbs. and shorter than 5'5
Luke Skywalker - "Yo, Chewbacca..I heard you was at Jabba the Hut's crib til' five in the morning...what's up with that?"

Chewbacca - "Wraaaa oooooh aaahhhhh! (Wookie for "Heellll Nawl!")
by Al the UnderWritten December 1, 2003