'Naws' Means to aggrevate or annoy anyone so much that they feel physically and in some cases mentally sickened by what has been said, or done.
In some cases it may be followed by wretching, possible vomitting and acting out in a violent way by the Nawsed party.
'Nawsed'= To personally be annoyed to the point of utter sickness.
'Nawsing'= Personally annoying others... i.e. "Am i Nawsing you?"
'Nawsalicious'= To be proud of Nawsing people right up!
If i was to ask you "If you had to, who would you rather sleep with, your mum or your dad?" This would Naws anyone!
Make up any sick questions like this, and "if you had to, who would you rather sleep with Tony blair or George W Bush? Ask anything like this and sit back and watch the reaction. Rock on! You might wanna stand back, just incase fists come a flying... or anything else for that matter.

Also you can poke people in the shoulder or on the head til they cant take anymore, do skank things like lick slugs, jump around like a monkey making monkey noises, and generally acting like a crazy Naws!
by Sophie Arnold March 15, 2005
To have or proclaim that your car is equipped with the power adder of nitrous oxide
by Dr. Drew March 23, 2005
A "NAW" stands for a no ass weekend in which a male or female is unable to obtain sexual satisfaction from the opposing gender. The term NAW was coined during the summer of 2012 in Montauk, NY also commonly referred to as the pussy capital of America. The popular phrase has taken off in recent weeks among crews all over the tri-state area who are in search of the revered golden pussy. The action of breaking the NAW is what city dwelling adolescents, both male and female, set their sights on each weekend in hopes of social or physical satisfaction.

In the event that a particular individual is unable to find the golden pussy for longer then just one weekend, the NAW can transform into a NAM (NO ASS MONTH) or potentially even worse, a NAY (NO ASS YEAR) or NAQ (NO ASS QUARTER). This simple, yet witty, term has caught traction and will continue to gain popularity as pussy becomes an even more valued commodity.
It's Friday night at 2:30 am, your dunk, horny and depressed. You meet a girl (or boy), shes somewhat attractive but on a normal day you probably wouldn't even acknowledge her existence but on this night, you go up to her, ask her if she has an extra cigarette. The simple question leads to more back and forth conversation and eventually leads to a make out (NAW not officialy broken), then she asks if you want to go back to her place (getting closer),. You arrive at her dorm room and she gets fully undressed, d cups and tummy rolls exposed, you do the same - four inch weiner is out - she digs around her drawer for an old durex that you cant get on bc its been so long, then BANG you insert, you bust in 12 seconds and the NAW is broken :).
by Danny Lion August 28, 2013
Naw i will not leave this game and let your friend join.
by 0eA December 24, 2014
Showing simpathy for something online.
John: Someone I know just died.

Jen: Nawwww
by Sponduli October 18, 2009
v. Technical skills or know-how, see also The Knack.
Pronounced to rhyme with mouse.

Possibly from the Welsh word meaning quality.
You could take it back to the shop, or if you've got the naws there's a way to fix it yourself with a bent paperclip.
by Tom Long August 19, 2010
Slang for the Male sex Organ. AKA "PeNaws", Penis, Crank, Pole, Dong, Dick, Cock, Prick, Shaft, Johnson, Purple Headed Yogurt Slinger.
I really wanted to bang the hot waitress I met last night but my "Naws" was already worn out from the night before.
by Jimmny Crickett July 25, 2011