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Orl in Orl, navraj is a term for an 'ardman (Hardman) he tries to act a bit too hard at time and can see him strolling down the streets thinking he owns the place. Often is seen showing off his many differnt ways i.e talking about how many 'ull ups he done yesterday or how 'ard his six pack is

many navrajs' are seen with there phones out listening to niche and some of that "grime"

People who arnt 'ard are often called names such as "puuthy'ole" "faggit" when with friends calls them 'ard as he is often taken the piss outa for being 'ard

If you see Nav around town make sure you stay away as he is relativly 'ard and will show you how 'ARD 'e is
Look at that Navraj.....grrrr typical 'ardman

Look at that Sahota...pulling a Mr 'Ardley EYYYY
by Scumal March 13, 2008
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A Navraj is a person who is mostly pessimistic and cynical, most are smart and think rationally. They usually don't stay negative thanks to the jokes they make about life and how they suck. Many Navraj people know how the world is and how rough it could be. One, in particular, gets angry easily and they aren't the best at what they do. But that doesn't stop them from trying to laugh so the pain does not come back.
Why is Navraj such an asshole?
I don't know, maybe they just hate life?
by WhyWait?Appreciate September 05, 2018
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is a young Indian male with curly pubes, hairy back and has a hairy ass crack.
suffers with erectile problems and has a micro penis.
has emotional problems such as not committing to the sexiest girl I know.
he secretly eats dick for all the meals of the day as well.
he loves eating ass as well.
anal is his top sex ideal.
by small dicks 4 ever December 29, 2018
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