Cool dude, always fly, always know what to say.
by Nator Haas July 7, 2006
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the pre mention person kicks robot ass
I.e.mikeal = mikealnator
sup daylenator
by Craig Richardson October 25, 2003
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inspired by "yuyo." describes the horny entity that emerges after a long nite of drinking. may be likened to the emergence of the loch ness monster. signs of "nator" are heightened friendliness, groping, and seductive facial expressions.
"she definitely unleashed her nator on him. they're in the room as we speak."

"his nator is coming out. be careful."
by morton November 5, 2003
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Nator / discjockey /dj filthy/techy/oldskool/neurofunk/minimal. drum n bass influist/turntableist / vinyl collector - fiend..
That guys a complete Nator / The nator
by lee crash November 6, 2011
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A Natorical is similar to a Moosen. But instead of being a normal blunt object it will often be double sided or have something unpleasant on it such as hot sauce. Or prongs.
Woman: If you don't stop mocking my scrabble abilities I'm going to use a Natorical on your ASS!
Man: A What?
Woman: A butt plug with something very unpleasant.
by Inaccuracy March 10, 2014
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1. An awesome girl from the OC who is basically rad, irresistible, loves Golden Spoon and knows how to have a good time.
2. You want her on your team duhhhh
Dood: "Who are you hanging out with this weekend?"
Guy: "the Nator, who else?"
Dood: "dang, I wish I was hanging out with someone cool like the Nator."
by laineyhaha October 8, 2008
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