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Nasrin is a girls name.Shes very smart but low key about it.She loves a debate and getting her way. Nasrin is the type of girl who is really nice and sweet towards you, however if you piss her off can become really salty. She has an amazing body and a BIG ass! If she likes you, claim her! She can be shy around people she doesnt know, however when you get to know her, shes funny and lit! Get a nasrin today.
Are you pulling a Nasrin?
You can never be like Nasrin!
by SkraaaaPapA December 09, 2017
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The misunderstood girl.She is very intelligent but is often known as shy or creepy to her classmates.However,her friends think otherwise.The girl is actually pretty loud and extremely social towards the people she hangs around.Yes,she can be quite annoying but she makes up for it with her reliability and humor.She may pretend to be emotionless but she fails one way or another.The girl laughs quite easily and can be considered a "meme queen" any day to her friends.She isn't very temperamental and avoids fights not because she is scared but for the sake of stupidity.Its hard to tell if she hates you or not since the only sign she may give is a dirty look.May or may not actually be dirty minded.She is either shy for attention or shy because she like you.Regardless,if you get to know her she can be a great friend.
Classmate:Nasrin sure is strange..

Friend:Enough of that Nasrin!*tries not to laugh*
by Tiger.-.Gal67 June 08, 2017
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Nasrin is a beautiful girl who has shrewd eyes and a nice body shape . She is self-confident and guides people. She's so friendly and sociable; however, She tries to keep the circle of her real friends limited. She moves heavens and earth for her real friends. She shares her joys with others but tries to keep her real sad feelings untold. She's mysterious and doesn't let anyone understand what goes on her mind. She's wise and philosophical. She wants to know people and choose the best ones; so, she looks so introvert or proud, at first. Then, she gets friendly with the nice guys. That's why people think she's shy. Next time you see a person named Nasrin, be careful of your behavior around her cuz she's analyzing everyone's behavior ;)
A: Isn't she a bit strange and sly?

B: No, she's not. She is a Nasrin... She is trying to know you first... Try to be sincere and honest so you'll see how nice she can be.
by Water_lily September 20, 2018
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Like Sarin... but different
sar·in n. (sârn)

: a highly intoxicating chemical nerve agent that inhibits the activity of cholinesterase
Don't consume Nasrin it may be harmful to your health
by *.* August 09, 2005
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