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The noise one makes when he or she is caught off guard with something really funny. Almost a snort.
That was so funny, it made me narkle.
by emilysambianca June 18, 2005
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Two halfs of the same person, there is a good half and a bad half and both halfs claim to be knowledgable
Plural: Wow what a pair of Narkle's
Singular: Wow that guy is such a Narkle
by Kitty/Sunshine May 04, 2010
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1. An ambiguous term depending on the context in which the phrase, "Narkle the Garthak!" is spoken, will determine the actual meaning of the word. 2. Most commonly used to describe masturbating.
"Hey man, I'm going in the food pantry to narkle my garthak for a few hours.."
by Muzzman February 27, 2005
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anything that is dealing with anything
N,V,ADJ /You narkle, Can i pet your narkle, Get the narkle away from me, Ma'am you left your narkle, Macaroni and narkle is my favorite narkle, What the narkle, yesterday on call of narkle 4 i got a sweet 360 NO-scope , I narkled every were after she was done with me, I narkled that guy well, That narkle was very moist
by CGi MoMo June 28, 2011
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