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The accual meaning of naka is fire

(naka is japanese for fire)
person 1:NAKA!!

person 2: What??

transulator: FIRE!!!
by anoi chi April 09, 2007
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slang for nigger
Justin Samples
Brett: whats clackalackin naka?
Justin: Shit Dawg
by Brett March 23, 2004
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Asian form of the word nigger; a racist expression against asians.
Look at all of these nakas around here.
by Vincent August 22, 2004
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Short term for the Japanese word, "Nakama". Nakama means friends or comrades.
Luffy: Watashitachiha nakamadesu!
Nami: Yosh!

Luffy: We are nakama!
Nami: Alright!
by Winnerston August 29, 2013
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