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a boss ass bitch who dont give a fuck. basically king of everything
wow i want to be like najia when i grow up!!!!
by powderpuffgirls September 20, 2016
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A very high-spirited girl. Amazing singer. Friendly and kind soft-hearted girl. She is very careful in picking her true friends. Loyal and expect honesty from the one she loves. An animal lover and favourite ro most kids and babies.
No one can beat Najia in being soft hearted.
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by Jojie April 22, 2018
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kind, funny, adventurous girl who doesn’t normally get in to trouble, but wouldn’t mind if she did. she will always be there for you even if you did her wrong & she is way to nice. lowkey freaky and always dtf. she seems annoying but she really doesn’t trust anyone anymore because she’s been broken so many times. she’s pretty but she doesn’t see it. she gets hurt a lot but would never show it.
“Wow najia , thank you for being there for me when my dog passed away, that means alot!”
by isthatchicken November 29, 2018
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You’ll never find a najia. And if you do you better keep her. She can be annoying and rude but on the plus side she’s also creative,funny,a lil special ed , but most of all she’s caring and respectful. She’s not the type to fight unless pushed to that point. Don’t let her go if you meet her
“Najia gets me so tight but I love that girl”
by Babygirlllll🕺🏾 June 08, 2019
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