A godly person who is immediately respected and followed by others. Truly a great leader. Someone who brings joy to the atmosphere.
"check that guy out, hes such a nabz"
by swagwanan November 3, 2013
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a chronically online kavra’s kingdom proxy that lacks common sense
“Nabz is such a degenerate!”
by teachmehowtovogue March 4, 2022
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Nabz. Slang for Nabolshia. aka said fast "No Bullshii". See other reference Nabolshia, or NabzDarkLotus (On Roblox).
The Nickname for Nabolshia from Beer420 Webradio. The nickname is also tied to the webcast fans as slang for several topics, from being ignorant or angry. As Nabolshia is a Dark Satire Horror Clown, who promotes Indie Bands and artists! (Known to go on long psychological rants on social behavior and science theory." (Beyond Quantum)

Xbox Ambassador 2021-

Used as a "Label" on others due to an extreme character trait (such as ranting facts), as a type of OVER ABUNDANT personality trait. To go on long factual rants about some topic to a crowd, or even Like displays of extreme anger or empathy or that of one whom might hate soulless people. Which Nabz calls Meat Puppets... Basically someone extending an already extreme character trait.


or the action of GRABBING something from some people/ person , place or thing.

Or nailing a topic, They "Nabz'd" It.

Loud becomes LOUDER, is a Nabz.
Your Sandwich has been "Nabz'd"
(or) That guy Nabz'd your Sandwich!
As a Label in all its forms:
Him: "Man did you see that guy? He just raged on that bully. I don't think that guy will pick on people again."
Her: "Yeah, he went full Nabz on that meanie! Good for him!"
It: " Yeah, goes to show there is a lil Nabz in everyone!"
Him: "We Nabz'd that topic."
It: "Yup." (Puts on Rabbit Suit.)
by Nabolshia April 10, 2021
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Expression that means to be called away unexpectedly and unable to keep appointments with friends
Friend A: I can't make it for lunch on Saturday.
Friend B: are you nabzing me?

Friend C: you've been nabzed.
by Kgirl3 February 9, 2017
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