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Any sort of weapon that can be "effortlessly" used to kill another in a video game, usually a First Person Shooter. These weapons are also usually, but not always, shotguns.

Often, these "n00b cannons" have heavy disadvantages, and the guy who keeps getting killed is probably doing something horribly wrong.

Regardless, use of these weapons in public multiplayer will get you mocked and shunned, even though they are valid weapons, with only a couple exceptions.
The Flux Gun in Savage.
The Auto Shotgun in Counter Strike.
The Grub from Gunbound could possibly be considered a n00b cannon.
The Shotgun in Natural Selection.
The SPAS in Navy Seals-Covert Operations.
The Chaingun in Team Fortress
The OICW in SWAT 3.
The Panzerfaust in Enemy Territory. (Restricted on some servers)
The Jackhammer in Planetside.

See any patterns in there? Lots of fast-firing shotguns. Anyone ever hear of sniper rifles to counter?
by Kenthar February 12, 2004
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Though usually applied to the automatic shotgun, can be any gun that a player uses to kill an "l33t" opponent in the Half-Life modification, "Counter-Strike"
dude wtf using a <de/awp/mk5/knife> u luser and ur n00b cannon tat's the only way you culd beat me cuz i'm jesus
by Jethro December 06, 2003
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"Auto Shotgun" used in the popular online game, Counterstrike, used by n00bs mainly because it requires little to no aim.
by Jeff October 14, 2003
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(n.) Any weapon used in a multiplayer game that is supposedly overpowered.
Although not limited to FPS and MMORPG genres, it is primarily used as a sarcastic remark against anybody who gets 'lucky kills', or just happens to be in the right place at the right time (Specifically against people who otherwise show little-no ability in the game).

Grenade launchers in general. (Battlefield, GunZ)
Tanks or heavily armored vehicles. (Battlefield, Halo)
Automatic shotguns. (CS:S, GunZ)
Machine guns. (CS:S, GunZ)
Semi-automatic sniper rifles. (CS:S)
Any mid-short range weapon that has a high probability to kill in one hit. (Any/all FPS)
Assassin or Sniper abilities (courtesy CoZ)
Low-level characters with powerful magic or weapons (ROSE, Runescape, WoW)
"Who killed me with the n00b cannon?!"
'It was the guy with absolutely no score. Well.. He has a score now, anyway.'
"Lucky n00b! I'ma kick your @$$ next round!"
by Gale March 16, 2006
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a large, powerful, fast firing/cheap weapon, such as awp in CS. People who use these are frequently the victims of tirades of shouts of 'noob!' and 'fucking auto-er! plz kick him!'. even thinking about using one means you have no skill in the game, and should crawl back up your ass. easily countered with a scout or knife from behind :P
argh dat fucking n00b cannonneer! he fuckin campin behind da box n shoot me in da head when i walk by!
by n00b pwnage February 24, 2005
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an over powerful gun used in various video, generally a sawed off shotgun.
"I thought that guy was good, but then i saw he was using a n00b cannon"
by The Mad LBB September 29, 2003
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