Where young children go to get raped by pedophiles.
Principal: Do you have a Myspace?

Student: Yes, sir.

Principal: REALLY!? WHAT IS IT ME TOO!!!!
by Bubs McKenzie May 04, 2009
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Website where teenage girl whore themselves out in hopes to find a boyfriend but only end up getting some old sixty year old pervert and end up getting raped
oh my god did you hear about Nikky who exchanged adresses with that weird guy on myspace and got raped?
by ghostgirl360 May 14, 2009
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A place for friends? I think not. How bout a PLACE WHERE NOTHING FUCKING WORKS!!!!
Ashley: Okay, my tv ALWAYS has something else wrong with it!!!
Jessica: Sounds a lot like myspace. Are they related?
by RandomDictionarySurfer July 12, 2009
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An online chatting environment that has a considerably bad reputation.

The action to send something on MySpace via comment or message and even more recently bulletins have been used to converse.

A word usually used to describe someone who acts differently online than in person or whose personality embodies a MySpace feature.
"I'm going on MySpace."

T: "I left my math book at school, what was the homework?"
K: "I'll MySpace it to you."

"What a myspace whore!"
by tessa! December 05, 2007
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a place for friends to add each other to figure out popularity to which is mostly fake because they add every joe shmo that clickes on them which makes them a partial whore nd for people at school to go "OMG you got 1097 friends your so popular" then they say "why dont u add me myspace.com/zidast302" just to realize that all it really does is get inside your head and destroy membrane after membrane till theres nothing left then your just a loser bimbo dumbass standing on the corner of a 7-eleven parking lot asking every shmuck if they have a cigarette.
im so popular on my myspace
by whoha1638 August 18, 2009
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outdated social network site. if you still use it (instead of Facebook) then youre a complete loser. if you check your myspace more than once a day, kill yourself. youre not "cool". only stupid asses use myspace. they think theyre hard asses just cuz they cuss a lot in their comments, so they think they know how to "fight". -_-
only 13-15 year old emo scene girls (and scene boys who try to look like girls) use myspace now. its a barren wasteland where only vampires---i mean myspace whores lurk, taking pride in knowing how to "argue" and be tough as nails over the internet. pathetic saps....
by who craig? November 22, 2009
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