getting a little too much into posing for pictures.

ironically on the website myspace, almost every user has this same pose.
Wow! That girl's getting really into that myspace pose!

-eyes looking upward not toward camera
-arm in an awdward position: elbow out, peace sign directed to ones own side of face.
-pucker up lips
by Lizzle Gio September 24, 2007
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the most commonly used pose for myspace poses, cliché especially in many teenage girls. Typically shows lips in a pout, and them making a peace sign. The picture is mostly taken from a downward pointing angel, or in the bathroom. Often photoshopped.
OMG, Kelly's new profile picture is so classic myspace pose, how unoriginal.
by 2caroline2 March 11, 2009
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The pose someone does when taking a photograph of themselves with their webcam for their myspace page. Religiously overused by emos, goths and the like. Clearly you will not be accepted as normal without performing the pose.
Instructions on how to create the my space pose:
1. Position or hold your webcam above you so that it is pointed down at you from a high angle.
2. Look up at the camera with your eyes without lifting your head, because otherwise you will not be accepted by your peers if you use your neck.
3. Don't smile. This rule MUST be obeyed. Extra points if you look upset or woeful.
4. Take the photo, then make it black and white on your photo editor.
5. Post it and watch your popularity boom.

Myspace poses can also be found on similar networking sites such as bebo and msn.
I've never been popular on myspace. Maybe if I do the myspace pose I will finally be accepted for who I am.
by Jonny #W September 8, 2006
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The pose you see on mypsace, usually a fat chick, trying to hide her fat by looking UP at the camera, thus not showing her two to three chins.
Her myspace pose made me believe she was a super model, but when I met her in real life she was super sized.
by Nacho Libre Dynamite September 11, 2008
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its when you take a picture of just your head with the peace sign turned to the right and your lips are puckered. and you put that picture on myspace
"everyone has a picture of themselves with the official myspace pose!"
by carisaa December 27, 2007
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