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The pose someone does when taking a photograph of themselves with their ]webcam] for their myspace page. Religiously overused by emos, goths and the like. Clearly you will not be accepted as normal without performing the pose.
Instructions on how to create the my space pose:
1. Position or hold your webcam above you so that it is pointed down at you from a high angle.
2. Look up at the camera with your eyes without lifting your head, because otherwise you will not be accepted by your peers if you use your neck.
3. Don't smile. This rule MUST be obeyed. Extra points if you look upset or woeful.
4. Take the photo, then make it black and white on your photo editor.
5. Post it and watch your popularity boom.

Myspace poses can also be found on similar networking sites such as bebo and msn.
I've never been popular on myspace. Maybe if I do the myspace pose I will finally be accepted for who I am.
by Jonny #W September 08, 2006

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