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A myriah is never ending mystery. However close you get to discovering it, it gets just that much more confusing. Dont ever guess because you will be wrong. Known for their abrupt and almost rude honesty, a myriah will hurt your feelings with ease, but will also have your back in every situation. If you want to party and be safe, find a myriah because she will be the best dance partner ever and will sit next to you while you throw up. She will probably have big brown eyes and hair that grows like weeds, but she will constantly be cutting it off because it bothers her. CAUTION: myriahs are not tame, but wild animals, so do not try to make them pets! They must have freedom to come and go as they please or your life WILL be in danger! These are the most unconditional people you can find and they were not created for the weak of heart and mind. If you maintain one now, you are a brave person, it is a blessing to have a myriah by your side.
shutup and be more like a myriah

you have to pee? just myriah-up and find a bush!
by dizzyheartsyou June 05, 2011
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A fucking awesome piece of awesome.

Opposite of, loser.
Someone who enjoys life and lives it to the fullest would be called a myriah.
That song is so myriah.
The new girl is a myriah.
I went out to a party and my night was a total myriah!
by BadLilGoth October 22, 2010
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A very sweet girl is hot with red hair and whose kisses can send any man into a heavenly daze.. I love you so much myrah Lynn
Myriah is the most beautiful woman that I have ever seen in my entrie life.
by Danny September 14, 2004
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