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For JB chat: A wonderful place to go when you are completely bored and have absolutely nothing to do with your life. The people there vary from super cool to super bitchy and random mods ban you for no reason (but that's just sometimes). it's a great place to ask any questions you don't feel comfortable asking people in real life. it's an amazing escape.
I'm bored, guess I'll go on myjellybean.
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Awesome chat site where eventualy everybody knows everybody if you stick around long enough. It's your favorite place to go when you are bored, but you don't dare tell your friends about it. JB ia your dirty little addicitive secret.
Every 6 months or so there is guaranteed to be drama, and like death it seems to happen in sets of 3. People faking people, making up lies, random IP bannings, and "getting" members. This makes many members mad, but yet we all stick around anyway or "quit" but really just come back a few months later.
Many supportive members. Post a pic of yourself, you're called gorgeous. Post a pic of a beautiful girl you don't like and we will call her ugly. JB has got your back. Just watch out for the evil jellybitch.
Everybody still misses the Sex Board is my secret drug, and I'm addcited.
by JBer09 December 29, 2009
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A shitty online magazine but an amazing forum. The community on the JB boards is small but loyal. The personalities of different members shine through very well there. This creates awesome drama and relatively good online friendships.

It is unfortunately ruled by an evil masked administer known as Jellybitch, who’s goal is to ravage the JB community and turn it into a teeny-booper β€˜chat site’/tampon fan club/outlet for paedos. JBers bravely take it upon themselves to defeat this demon, even if it means sacrificing themselves (IP bans are common play) for the greater good.
I think is the best site on the whole internet.
by JBer February 02, 2008
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Noun- a place to go when you are bored.
Filled with a ton of awesome people. Known for it's addictive proporties. Most people there don't have a life, but that's ok.

Citizens are refered to as jellybeaners or jbers.
Ruled by the ferocious jellybean or jelly bitch
I was on myjellybean for 8 hours because I have no life and I'm addicted.
by Blue Eyed Bandit July 17, 2006
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The best place for girls to go!!
OMG all the girls on myjellybean are awsome! I love all you jellybeaners!! :-D
by Alisa August 01, 2004
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