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A really rad website based originally off of Myspace. From when it started it has come along way. It's owned by Justin, (who counts as a celeb, sense you'll see he's the owner as soon as you join), Justin, unlike Tom actually talks to you.
Mycrib may get you a while to get used to.
UpSides: more pictures, better layout system, better 'blog' system, easier to make real friends, less people, less pervs.
downsides: you get a lot of friends even if you don't want them.
mycrib person1:Did apple add you on mycrib yet?
mycrib person2:Naw, but some Mikey guy did, oh and that Jason guy too.
by Kaydea June 06, 2007
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a whores heaven. you can make 200 friends in 10 minutes. not as crowded as myspace, so you actually get to know people. try it out.
whore 1: lYkE oMgZ i LoVe bE!nG WhOreD 0n mycrib!! Itz W@y BetTeR tHaN My5p@cE!! =

whore 2: are you having a seizure? why the hell are you typing like that?
by lYkEoMg!iTsMe=] April 30, 2006
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a website, like myspace
but better, because you get more pictures
and theres less people, so you can actually make friends

and its easier to get friends, because tehy have a New People section that shows the 5 or 6 newest ppl to the site that everyone adds.
by m0rbdxem0ti0ns June 22, 2006
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Another social networking site, basically a copy of myspace.
You would think it would be better seeing as you can tons of friend requests from random people as soon as you sign up, but it sucks.
Most of the people on that site make fake profiles and you can get deleted from the owners for no reason.
Talk shit to Apple, he'll delete you because he's a wuss.
The owners suspect everyone on there is fake.
Don't be surprised if your account gets deleted within a month, for no reason.
I wouldn't recommend joining.
Random: "Apple is an old pedopihle that sits on on mycrib all day and talks to little girls."
Apple: "Say bye to your account."
by taylorpanda February 26, 2009
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A website that copied off of myspace. Mycrib is lame and as soon as you sign up you will get like 50 friend requests from like random people. The only good thing about mycrib is you can put alot of pics up thats it. In the end myspace ownz.
I was on myspace all day and got bored so i asked a friend if theres any other sites out there to make friends on that i could try so he gave me a link to mycrib i signed up and it was gay so i never went on there again i think ill just stick myspace because its the best.
by Myspace Tom July 16, 2006
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Basically, the exact same thing as myspace. A site wherein you spontaneously add random people and aquire as many friends as you possibly can by doing things such as "whore for whores".
Person 1: Dude, have you checked your mycrib today?
Person 2:Nah, I much rather prefer myspace. I don't even GO on mycrib anymore.
by Jasmin! April 16, 2006
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