What you call something that seems to want to get too close, too often. In the extreme case, it's your 'Special friend'
Damn! This pool chlorinator wants to be my friend!
(Looks down, dog humping leg) I think Vern's dog wants to be my Special friend.
by Secret Agent Man September 17, 2003
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Someone who you only know through MySpace, Friendster, Facebook or any other large networking website.

Typically, someone you've never met in real life.
Q: Dude, do you know that girl who's leaving comments all over your page?

A: Nah, she's just a MyFriend.
by St. Bastard May 28, 2007
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When used by John McCain talking to a crowd of retards, it means "Fuck You" -

John McCain: "My Friend, I never called Barack Obama a nigger, to his face"
by Harry Munster October 11, 2008
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street code for the La Costra Nostra; meaning a highly ranked criminal who is full blooded italian and is eligible to be made a memeber or is a memeber of the La Costra Nostra.
"hey giovanni, this is ´my friend` pino from Sicilia.."
by x September 03, 2003
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(noun) People who are your friends on myspace, mostly fake accounts.

(verb) When you tell all of your real myfriends to start spamming one myspace person that you do not like
(noun) I have alot of friends, not including my myfriends

(verb) I hate my girlfriend's myspace. I should myfriends her.
by Greg Sepulveda May 22, 2007
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In commercials/ads, often famous announcers, celebrities and spokespeople will coin the phrase "my friends at...". In other words, this means that that company pays them a lot of money.
I'm Thom Brennaman, "My friends at Colter Cadillac have the best selection in town."
by Hans Moleman April 23, 2004
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just a bunch of fuckers who think unfairly, are ignorant and have different agendas
my friends are back-stabbing, annoying, homeless, junkies, boozehounds, desperate, suicidal, posers, arrogant, bitchy, and last but not least really young
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