A saying used by someone who has realized that a comment they've made is redundant to an earlier comment made by someone else.
Bob: The government should provide universal healthcare man.

Larry: Free ponies! Yay!

Tom: And how about a free pony for all the little boys and girls while you're at it.

by 2+2 poster April 23, 2009
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Originating in the cartoon "Rejected" by Don Hertzfeldt. This is the first spoken line of the 9 and a half minute short feature.

Other classics include:
"Tuesday's coming, did you bring your coat?"
"My anus is bleeding."
Mah spoon is too big.

I am a banana.
by Rick May 23, 2004
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When something is beneath you or otherwise out of the caring capacity.
Person 1: You've got to take care of the kids.

Person 2: My dick is too big for this.

Person 1: Why'd you back out? We were winning that CoD game.

Person 2: My dick's too big for this.
by CjTeddyB November 3, 2010
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One of the ways to describe or say that your butt is way too big and gigantic as fuck, especially when you find out that it can act heavy as fuck and look big and gigantic as fuck as your ass is extremely large in which that would be the reason why someone with a gigantic fat ass cannot fit into small clothing or onto or into anything small and cannot fit into the simple small places as that is also the reason why people might talk about your large fat ass, make fun of your large fat ass, and laugh and make very funny but extremely mean, rude and insulting jokes about your large gigantic fat ass and someone might say or try to do something rude, disturbing, mean, hurtful, dumb and stupid things about it and/or to it.
Person A: (Calling his best friend Person B as he is speaking to him over the phone), Hey I have to tell you something that happened and its really weird and kinda embarrassing.

Person B: Tell me what happened.

Person A: Well you won't understand it but I just found out that I fell out of bed for no reason and now I am just sitting on the floor wonder how the hell this happened.

Person B: Well are you alright and everything is going okay?

Person A: Yes but I just wanna know how this happened.

Person B: Why, is it probably because maybe you perhaps had a bad dream or a nightmare and you had the shit frightened the fuck outta you to the point where it made you roll out of bed and fall onto the floor?

Person A: No, it's because My Ass Is Too Fat and its heavy as fuck and I cannot fit onto this fucking bed as its just simply just small as fuck and I can't fit into anything or anyplace that's small.

Person B: Well if you know that's the reason why you just fell out of bed then why did you even bother calling me over the telephone at 2:00 in the morning to tell me about this?

Person A: Well this is because you are my best friend and I have had conversations with you over the phone during crazy hours while everybody else is asleep and I just thought I could get your opinion as to why I fell out of bed and I was wondering about why this happened and I just thought that this was completely weird until I just figured it out and discovered why it happened.

Person B: Oh well ok.
by Your Nigga Jack Miller December 31, 2014
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A figure of speech meaning that a situation is way too complicated for another to understand. relating with "Put you in my shoes".
guy1: I'd love to help you with your problems but i don't know what's going on.
guy2: sorr man,my shoes are too big for you.
by teh reaper September 11, 2005
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It's an slang very common in some kinds of situations.
You are about too ask a gorgeous woman out, you're not so sure about that, because you think "Oh, I can not as her out, my wallet is too small for my 50's".
It means that you are thinking that she is too good for you.
by Daniel Leite August 12, 2007
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