"The Father of Algebra"

"No further questions, Your Honor."
Harvard MVP

ACT and SAT Extraordinaire

Only one "B"
Name of an advanced student who is very diligent, busy, and signs up (but does not participate in) many clubs. Has an interesting aging process because they skipped a grade of school. Remains at the age of 12 until Mr. President's further notice.
Person 1 (let's call him Casey): Look at the new kid! Apparently he skipped a grade and is becoming a total Harvard MVP. He signed up for a ton of clubs and got a perfect score on his national latin exam.

Person 2: Yeah, if he's a true Harvard MVP, he'll get a "B" in his civ class and switch teachers.

Casey: True, True.
by iwishicouldbeharvardmvp March 6, 2018
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A young public figure that posts his Tik Toks on Instagram reels & goes viral but his Tik Tok page is not impressing
by pdoto November 23, 2021
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This is basically a reward Safety Patrols get for being good at the "job."
Wow, You got the totally rad Safety Patrol MVP award!
by TikTok @vintagemez March 5, 2022
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taylor & elían
taylor & elían are the true mvp !
by princessnokia July 31, 2017
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