people who constanlty listen to music, in class, when bored, goin to sleep, waiting in line, EVERYWHERE and if they have a crappy MP3 player, constantly looking for batteries.
Guy:(listens to music and totally ignors people)
Guy#2: heeellooo? Music junkie??
by Crozier December 11, 2006
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a person who explores the many different genres of music.People that are constantly listening,downloading,and researching new bands. Someone who has their ipod headphones on 24/7 with the volume cranked to the max.
music junkie-the quiet guy in the back of the classroom
by Brutal Romance April 06, 2008
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A music junkie is someone who will constantly listen to music, to tune out anything. Usually seen in a baggy hoodie, and a shy person. They will probably not listen to you if you talk to them, and if you get annoyed when they arent listening, DO NOT pull out their ear bud. They will be pissed
Person 1:Hellloo?
Person 2: *nudges person 1* don't try it, they're a music junkie
by Taeils Only Star July 29, 2019
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Someone who always listens to music and learns the lyrics super fast and pushes the song down their friends throats.
Kelly: Jill you need to listen to this song! It totally captures what im going through!

Jill: Shut up! Your such a music junkie!
by Superflower January 15, 2012
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Kind of music which you would listen to when you're high. Or it just makes you want to get high or made by a person who is likely to be high. Those are the sounds of heroin...
The Liars and Sonic Youth make junky music but it mostly depends on your perception.
by crack fox August 31, 2008
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