First off
if you say that muscle cars are stupid, slow, crappy, redneck cars, or technologically inferior you are a total jackass and you need to go get into your honda civic with the body kit and the huge fin that makes it look like it can go over 110 and go drive off a cliff. Skylines, NSX's etc are acceptable cars but are still pieces of shit in comparison to most muscle cars. Your car sounds like shit, probably because i can go down and buy a soda bottle that holds more than the entire motor of your "hi performance" car.
A muscle car is a real mans car. in order to better understand this lets go into the definition of "man"
a man is a male human being with balls and a dick.
if you dont have the balls to drive a real car then dont try to soup it up to make you feel like you actually are adequate in bed, you arent
real mens cars are muscle cars (PREFERABLY fords but any american made high horsepower vehicle is elligable.)
if its made in japan
its a piece of shit
and if you dont have respect for americans because our cars "suck" then move to fucking japan, cuz no one wants you here.
You are a ricing little bitch, 1.6 liters??? my soda holds more than that. Hell, i can piss more than that. The 11th commandment is there is no substitute for cubic inches, so go get a clue you little bitches. you show me a japanese car with over 2000 horsepower and then we'll talk. There are several muscle cars that have made that much and even more so go suck a fat one.
by Bro Hater April 10, 2006
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a car with a large engine(350 ci+) made of steel not plastic, puts out more horse power and TORQUE then 6 ricers, wat these's tools in the 2 liter rice rockets dont understand is that us muscle car owners can go fast while towing a boat, u ricers cant actually take off with more then 2 people in the car. ill accept some ricers may go fast, but thats when there moddified with more money then the car is worth, a muscle car will go just as fast stock with 5 people in the car towing a boat, so to all u ricers bagging muscle cars, mayb u should try racing under weight, oh thats right, UR PEICE OF SHIT ENGINE WONT MOVE A BAG OF CEMENT
theres no replacement for displacement ricer boys GET A MUSCLE CAR!
by rice eater July 01, 2007
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Usually American. These big, powerful cars are only given to police detectives from the 1970s and by law, must take turns sideways. Special coating means that despite hitting everything from traffic signs to trash cans in high speed chases, no scrapes or dents ever happen.
Starsky and Hutch, Bullit, The Professionals, Life on Mars Etc. all include muscle cars
by pigeons99 June 25, 2012
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An American performance car characterized by huge, powerful engines, poor handling, and rock and roll.
The two most iconic muscle cars: Camaro and Mustang.
Both of them have history stretching back to the sixties. Which of them is better?
The answer: I don't care; Porsche 911 smokes them both to hell anyways.
by cogitator November 29, 2009
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american cars from 1964-1972. a 73 or 74 might slide in there but its rare. NO NEW CARS WILL EVER BE MUSCLE CARS, AS MUCH AS THEY TRY TO BE. Your SRT-4 or your 2006 mustang is not a muscle car. you are fooling yourself. if you have not experienced serious power, you don't know what fast is. period.

Here's the food chain:
1.) muscle cars
2.) pony/sporty cars
3.) ricers

muscle cars have their rivalries between eachother but at least they are in the same league. picking on a mustang is like a pro baseball player picking on a AA player. and a muscle car picking on a ricer is like a pro picking on a little leager.
everytime a ricer trys to race me, i dont race him at all. its boring. every time a mustang kid trys to race me, i just wait at the light, let him go, then blow by him later. the only cars i race are other muscle cars. everything else is at the track.
by osama b October 29, 2007
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A car with a large V8 and steel bumpers made before 1976.

A perfect example is the Falcon GT.
Falcon GT was a Bathurst winner and now the most sought after Aussie Muscle car ever.

They asking price of a XY HO Phase 3 GT equals the the combined value of all T series falcons combined.
FYI a T series is a late model Australian Falcon V8 with a body kit...Not a GT or a muscle car Per Se.
Allan Moffat's Bathurst winning GT muscle car.
by Allan Moffat December 27, 2007
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