When a whistle-blower dies soon after revealing secret, sensitive information that has the potential to damage, or damages, the reputations of very powerful people, or after having harmed their financial interests.
Sean Hoare, the first person to link former News of the World editor Andy Coulson to Britain's phone hacking scandal, was found dead Monday. Police say his death is not considered suspicious. Sounds like he was Murdochered.
Other possible Murdochered victims: Dr David Kelly, JFK, Norma Jeane Baker, Maurice Bishop, Salvador Allende, Pavle Bulatovic, Roberto Calvi.
by ZAJ July 19, 2011
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To have one's mobile device hacked or viewed upon with out consent of the owner. Derived from recent Rupert Murdoch phone hacking scandal
Jealous GF screams at Typical BF, "Who's Veronica and why is she text'n you @ 2 in the morning? BF replies, "WTF, Did you just Murdoch my mobile!?!"
by DuhVOTED ONE July 21, 2011
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A guy who likes to jack off. And when he finishes, he takes pictures of it.
A: That dudes a freak.
B: That's Murdoch.
by Hatergirlie October 15, 2010
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“That lady looks like she really needs a wee” “no, that’s just her murdoch
“Those trousers don’t do anything for her murdoch”
by Upthemuffffd July 27, 2019
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v: to use surreptitious methods in order to listen to another person's voicemails without his or her permission.
Your paranoid, controlling partner Murdoched your voicemail in order to both spy on you and (emotionally) blackmail you later.
by Beneven Stanchiano July 20, 2011
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Scheming, conniving monopolist from Australia. Controls the Fox network, News Corp, among other things. Holds dominion over much of western media.

In other words, he controls a good portion of western civilization. He should be toppled for the sake of western civilization.

Its too bad he isn't the A-Team Murdoch, or Mr. T woulda owned him.
by FireballX301 April 26, 2004
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