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a teen in a group of friends who is often the "bitch" of the group and is made fun of for being less mature or ignorant in many situations. Often has not fully completed puberty.
John: What is a sausage fest? Is that like a barbecue or something?

Friends: Wow John you are such a freaking muppet baby.
by rangermoody September 29, 2009
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An animated spinoff of The Muppets Take Manhattan scene where Miss Piggy daydreams about what happened if she and Kermit the Frog met as babies. The show is about all the imaginary adventures the baby Muppets get in to when their Nanny isn't around, or when they're waiting for something.
Muppet Babies, we make our dreams come true!
Muppet Babies will do the same for you!
by Dee96 August 30, 2010
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1. Accepting the term "Muppet" to denote a persons total lack of basic common sense, this logical extension would suggest that, whilst the subject approximates to the qualities and ideals of muppethood, inclusion in the "Muppet" category would require significant mental development.
2. A retarded muppet.
by Mark September 06, 2004
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One who talks about guitars but never plays them. Also talks like a muppet.
I heard Muppet Baby talking about the time he broke his strings and then made a scarfice to Satan.
by derm February 14, 2005
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Term applied by the online community to describe a group of players that disagree with PvP existing in an online game. They often dont care about how other players wish to experience PvP with other random players online and their sole goal is to receive full immunity when exposing themselves to an online mode.

Other ways to describe a Muppet Baby:
-Responds to violent Role Play interaction with other players with a negative and unsporting attitude.
-Tries to amass as much wealth as possible while expecting as little conflict as possible.

Muppet Baby is similar to the term CareBear, however not used in a derogatory manner as some pro-carebear sites have banned the use of CareBear for its derogatory use. Muppet Baby is used in place to describe anti-PvP'ers and is not derogatory.
"I was playing with this kid and someone started attacking us. So I jumped in to kill the attacker, but the kid helping me turned out to be a Muppet Baby and watched me die with out helping."

"The community asked to allow open PvP in online mode. However the Muppet Babies wanted non-PvP in online mode even though they already had single player mode and friends only mode. There were not many of them, but their posting campaign on the development forum gave the development team a false impression the community wanted it, thus implementing it. The game was bankrupt a year later cause of the Muppet Babies."
by Harvard Dictionary October 06, 2013
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