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an word from irish cant, a male or female who is good looking, or sexy.
look at her shes munya, im gonna ask her out.
by jim ogorman March 31, 2006
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A word that is used by people of the irish traveler brigade, the word can be used in place of good, meaning some thing that is very pleasing
man did you just see her go by, my god she was "MUNYA"
by J. Daley September 01, 2006
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A Munya is that one black dude that you're glad to have as your friend. He's a very likeable and wholesome soul and is generally a good friend to everyone he meets. He can be a bit of a cunt, but he fully identifies that and he tries his best to be as un-cuntish as possible. Munya's are extremely talented but fail to realise it, and because of that, they are wayyyyyy too modest. He's stupidly innocent and just wants everyone to be happy, which is why you love him. When you first meet him, he's a bit reserved but once you get to know him, he becomes that goofy, funny, crazy, fun-loving bloke. He'd make a good boyfriend. A Munya is extremely sweet and cuter than he thinks he is. He would take a bullet for his friends. Munya's know how to lift someone's spirit when they're feeling low. He simply has a knack for saying the right thing at the right time. A Munya is always a good person to go to when you need advice, they're wise, but in a dumb way. A Munya usually faces some type of trauma which causes tremendous growth within them, both physically and mentally. Even the first time you meet a Munya you will think they're adorable both inside and out. Their personality makes you want to date them. They're just wholesome, good-looking, sweet, innocent boys. If you're lucky enough to have a Munya, do not ever let him go. They are one of a kind.
Girl 1: That guy's cute! Who is that?
Girl 2: His name is Munya. Yeah he is but I wanna get to know him better first.
by suck yourself October 12, 2019
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A word for an unhench individual. The funniest bloke at his school. But is generally the person that overuses slang. The cool guy. Likes to try out different hairstyles and usually doesn't work out for him. However, even though his appearances may not work out for him he always gets a good conversation out of girls. Most likely to get friend zoned :(
"Munya is a smooth individual. Munya is smooth at peng peng dms."
by munyaatabar August 08, 2018
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