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"munroe day" is a nonplus made by University of King's College students to the actual "Munro Day" celebrated by Dalhousie University. Munro Day was originally celebrated by Dalhousie to commemorate George Munro's monetary contributions to the university in its time of near banruptcy in the late 1800s. When the two universities joined, King's was to adopt all of Dalhousie's holidays, but since King's is a bunch of pompus ass's, they decided that they'd make up their own little secret holiday where little King's students run naked in the Quad in tribute to their mad king.
Only King's students believe in munroe day.
by Dragonsoar March 28, 2005
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A holiday which King's forced Dalhousie to celebrate after the two universities became affiliated with one another. King George Munroe III was the King of England, and after going largely insane he requested that "an mother (sic) of a university" be built in Nova Scotia. They built King's. Many Dalhousie students mistakenly believe Munroe was a famous pornographer because this is what their profs jokingly tell them. Most Dalhousie students however also lack basic research skills.
Yeah I'm sleepin in tomorrow, it's Munroe Day.
by emdashed April 14, 2004
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