two people find a dead corpse (man or woman) preferably a woman. Best to dig a body out at a cemetary. Want the body to be a few months old. one person puts there mouth over the dead bodies vagina or anus, then the other person jumps on the stomach of the corpse and the person whose mouth was on the orophus has to eat what ever comes out of the body.
i cant believe that guy just performed mungen on that dead girl.
by mutator December 11, 2006
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To eat the mung (the semi-solidified composite of bodily innards) of a corpse after a few months of natural decomposition. Usually accomplished by digging up a corpse, having one party position their mouth on the vagina or anus of the corpse, and having another party stomp on its belly, forcing the mung into the first party's mouth. Amount of mung produced depends on many factors, including age, size, and length of time in the ground.
Hey sweety, wanna go mungen tonight?
by Black Bolt November 11, 2009
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Don't mungenate the situation any further.

I'd like to add more garlic to the recipe, but I might get Gilroy-happy and mungenate the whole thing.
by Morgan Happypants October 29, 2009
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A person who is able yet unwilling to contribute to society. A societal leech.
It sure would be nice if those mungens would get a job so that i no longer have to support them with my tax dollars.
by War Mungen February 02, 2010
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