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A disastrous mating of mullet and comb-over. When you see this doubly tragic combination on one head, maintain a safe distance. The man who wears this cut should be considered dangerous and delusional. If a breeze lifts long straggly strands off his shiny pate, do not laugh under any circumstances. Though he possesses few teeth, he will bite. Do not approach.
"Hey, dude, I think we should get out of here!"
"But I haven't finished my beer."
"That guy with the mullet over has been staring at your butt for the last half hour. He's coming this way!"
"Hey, did you just hear the tune from Deliverance?"
by kathcom October 21, 2011
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When a guy with a mullet ponders or considers a decision at great length such as whether to buy Keystone beer or Iron City beer.
You want to go to the tough man contest at the armory?
Let me mullet over and I'll let you know.
by wolfbait51 May 13, 2011
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A "mullet over" is the use of a mullet wig by someone who has had their head shaved and later regretted it.

This particular hairstyle is favoured because a "mullet" haircut resembles a kind of insane wig in any case. Thus the wig is assumed by the casual observer to be an actual mullet.

If a mullet wig is locally unavailable, a deceased animal such as a gopher or beaver may be draped over the shaven cranium as a substitute.
Josh: Wow, you look crazy!
Ger: Yeah, I passed out at a party last night and my friends shaved my head.
Josh: Ha! So what are you gonna do?
Ger: Well, I reckon I'll just - mullet over.

(Ger smiles at the camera and produces a "Fruit of the Loomis"-brand mullet wig.)
by Pipe Downn October 22, 2011
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